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Ok, this is where you tell me what a great job I am doing; what a terrible job I am doing; that you think my icons rock; that you think my icons suck; that you'd like to "steal" an icon; that you have some hot pictures of John Simm to share with me; that you'd like to plot with me; that you have a burning question about why the Master did such-and-such, or whether the Master would do such-and-such, in a plot; that you want to have my babies; that you want me to have your babies; that you are my biggest fan; that you are my worst enemy; the high points of charismatic sociopathy; and so on.

Anon is disabled but all comments are screened. This isn't a trap; I really want to know what you think (of my rping). I won't hate you if you're relatively kind, I promise.
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