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This is an in-game history and CR chart for the Master in Amat, December 2009 - October 2010 RIP.

Transmissions and Logs

1. Transmission: The Master wakes in Atia, and settles in for a long run of antagonizing and manipulating people.
2. Log: First date gets you to what base again? Jenny shows the Master around Atia. (abandoned)
3. Log: Wet dream: The Master meets "the Master" and, predictably, has sex with it
4. Log: Shameless schmoozing at Loretta's Christmas party (abandoned)
5. Log: After the party, the Master tries to steal the Doctor's TARDIS (predictable)
6. Log: A bit of lunch with Azkedillia, while coveting her Mobat
7. Log: Stalking Rose in the Marketplace
8. Log: The Master finally meets his dream girl. Too bad he's on the verge of death thanks to that stupid collar... or perhaps that serves as an icebreaker in Atia?

DANCE #1: The Doctor's Death

How did it come to be?
Tied to a railroad
No love to set us free
Watch our souls fade away
And our bodies crumbling
Don't be afraid

Muse- Hoodoo

9. Log: During Atia's Big Shakedown, the Master and Chiana form a devastatingly sexy and hedonistic crime duo (abandoned log)
10. Transmission: Ok, plan, check. Equipment, check. Right, then-- time to lure the Doctor to his love nest.
11. Transmission: The TARDIS is invited to join the party
12. Log: The Master makes some 'improvements' to the humanoid TARDIS.
13. Log: The Doctor and the Master share an intimate mind meld. (abandoned)
14. Log: Rose wants a romantic encounter with the Doctor, but it's not the Doctor who shows up... (warning: rape)
15. Log: The Master drags the Doctor to his little cave by the sea for a little slice of life domestic. (warning: the Doctor bites it) (abandoned)
16. Log: Revenge is taken upon the Master by the Doctor's loved ones (abandoned, although the plot was assumed to result in the Master's death by the hands of Jack Harkness)

17. Transmission: The Master is back, and he's pissed (includes bonus action!log where the Master explains gleefully to the TARDIS that she's gonna be a cripple forever)
18. Log: Jenny comes back from the forest to confront the Master (abandoned log; assumed Jenny winged the Master in the leg as a warning, causing him to fall into a rosebush b/c lolz)

DANCE #2: A Limit to Your Love

There's a limit to your care
So carelessly there
Hear the truth or dare
There's a limit to your care

Feist- The Limit to Your Love

19. Log: Love Curse: The Master falls in love with the totally wrong girl...
20. Transmission: Love Curse: The Master is so mad with love he'll even resort to singing Franz Ferdinand songs. Oh yeah, and cutting out people's hearts.
21. Log: Love Curse: Sylvia gets a heart and the Master gets his hearts broken. (abandoned)
22. Transmission: Love Curse: The Master threatens the Pope for stealing his woman (corresponding log never done, assumed the Master shot at Alessandro and was shot in return, recuperating at Dante's flat)

23. Log: "Rocks Fall! Azkedillia Almost Dies!" (abandoned log, assumed that Az caught a glimpse of the Master afterward and that his partner in crime, Dante, ingratiated herself with Az to become a mole)
24. Log: Kink Curse: The Master tries to master 'The Master'. (abandoned)
25. Log: Kink Curse: The TARDIS and the Master share a romantic fight under the stars.
26. Log: Kink Curse: The Master and the Doctor explore their little 'Enmity of Ages' thing. (abandoned)
27. Log: Payback is a Bitch: The Master meets Ianto Jones and immediately hypnotizes him to try to kill Jack.
28. Log: Payback is a Bitch 2: That Girl is Poison: What better way to get Sylvia back than to frame her for attempted murder? (abandoned)

DANCE #3: Impromptu Escape Plan

So I paid off a bureaucrat
To convince your captors there to secret you away
And at the gate of the embassy
Our hands met through the bars
As your whisper stilled my heart:
"No, they'll never catch me now."

The Decemberists- The Bagman's Gambit

29. Log: Fancy Assaulting You Here: A chance encounter with Rose on the beach gives the Master a plan to gather more information on how to safely leave Atia: get sent to the prison island. (abandoned)
30. Transmission: The Master kills Rose publicly, then turns himself in. WHAT IS HE PLANNING OH NO
31. Transmission: The Master is pretty pissed that Torchwood's getting custody of him while sentencing is worked out.
32. Log: The Master faces the gauntlet as Leoben and Catwoman come out of the woodwork to hinder his transfer to Torchwood House.
33. Log: Ianto must escort the Master to go wee-wee, but the Master clogs Torchwood House's toilet instead.
34. Log: The Doctor tries to visit the Master and the Master tries to kill him. Oh you crazy kids.
35. Log: Kara Thrace tries to figure out what's so special about the Master. Obviously it's not the cologne.
36. Log: The Master beats Ianto at chess and then shags him. Because he can.
37. Transmission: Sins Curse: The Master goes on a hunger strike and quotes stuff from Tienanmen Square because he has no sense of perspective.
38. Log: The TARDIS decides to taunt the Master with a sandwich.
39. Log: Eleven, in turn, decides to gross the Master out with fish sticks. Meanwhile the Master decides to make folded paper effigies of the Doctor out of the TARDIS' books. (abandoned)
40. Log: While the Doctor's away, the Master will torment the babysitter (Jenny). (abandoned)
41. Transmission/Action!Log:Sins Curse: The Master tries to swallow aspirin to get away from the Doctor. What did I say about that sense of perspective? It is GONE.
42. Log: Rose tries to figure out the Master (good luck with that).
43. Log: The Master returns from prison only to be kidnapped by the Doctor :((((((((((
44. Log: Amnesia Curse: One too many strawberries and the Doctor and the Master forget they're enemies. (abandoned)
45. Transmission: Amnesia Curse: 'John Smith' and 'Thomas Falleret' address the network as a charmingly domestic couple.

DANCE #4: Come Along, Pond

The look on your face yanks my neck on the chain,
And I would do anything to see you again
So I've fallen behind...

Neko Case- Star Witness

46. Log: The Master takes Amy to tea, poses as the Doctor, and enlists her cooperation in wrecking the TARDIS.
47. Log: A chance meeting with a job-hunting Angel of Thursday (abandoned. In my head the Master directed him to a brothel and laughed his head off)
48. Log: Morning After Curse: The Master meets his new Lucy Saxon? (abandoned)
49. Transmission: The Master and the Eleventh Doctor face off in an art contest featuring... The TARDIS?
50. Log: Amy's 'repairs' on the TARDIS are finished, and the Master is there to wreak havoc. (abandoned)

51. Log: The Master is just looking for a collar loosening from Gail, but finds a potential ally.
52. Log: Heatwave Curse: The Master helps Lady Cassidy, er, plow her garden.
53. Log: Heatwave Curse: Skinny-dipping with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer! All things are possible in Amat! (abandoned)

See what I've done
That bridge is on fire
Going back to where I've been
I'm froze by desire
No need to leave

The XX- Islands

54. Log: Heatwave Curse: Plagued with memories of shagging Ten? Why not shag him again and then burn your old love shack to the ground? Yeah, that sounds like a plan, Master. (abandoned)

55. Log: Heatwave Curse: And of course the Master would have to run into Catwoman during the 'make everyone horny' curse, right? (abandoned)

56. Log: Heatwave Curse: The Third Doctor's found your hidey-hole! Solution? Shag her, too, of course. AND THEN BE FORCED TO MOVE.(abandoned)

57. Log: Heatwave Curse: The Master and Death finally have a meeting of the minds. And bodies. (abandoned)

58. Log: Heatwave Curse: Why not round an embarrassing curse off with a good old kick out of the bed courtesy of Sherlock Holmes? (abandoned)

59. Log: Heatwave Curse: Cold Shower Edition: Sorry Master, I lied. Time to be unable to perform with the TARDIS! Love you lots! <3<3 (abandoned)

60. Transmission: The Master returns from the Forest, crazier than ever!

61. Log: The Master recovers from the Forest with Cassidy's expert help. (abandoned)

62. Log: The TARDIS has come back for her missing legs. (abandoned, assumed the Master was forced to help the TARDIS somehow)

Enemies, Consorts, and Acquaintances

(under construction)

Jack Harkness
The Tenth Doctor

Bonny Serge
Third Doctor
Eleventh Doctor
Eighth Doctor
John Watson
Sherlock Holmes

Amy Pond

Dawn Summers
Mireille Duroc
Kara Thrace
Becky Rosen
Ashley Magnus
Stephanie Brown
Buffy Summers
Lady Cassidy
River Tam

USELESS (Perhaps as bait)
Ianto Jones
Sarah Jane Smith
Rose Tyler
Jethro Gibbs
Toshiko Sato

Jean-Louis Duroc
Whiskey/Dr. Claire Saunders
Iris Chase
Artemis Fowl
Georgia Mason
Lady Karla
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