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"Couldn't you have brought us anywhere a bit more interesting?"

By 'more interesting', the Master really meant a planet with anything at all he could use to hide or escape from the Doctor. This one, with fields of purple grass as far even a Time Lord eye could see, did not fit that criteria. There was also the larger problem that the planet's atmosphere was not breathable. The two of them were lying in that grass in an atmosphere created by the TARDIS' extending its defense shields, although the Master had insisted on keeping a considerable distance from the Doctor. They were supposed to be cloudgazing-- Kelboros-5 was famous for its semi-sentient cloud formations manifesting a low-level psychic field, which would metamorphose them in response to faint psychic cues from the minds of visitors. Those with a bit of telepathic skill could control these clouds, to some extent, and it was considered an art in some cultures.

But the Master's eyes were continually drawn to the TARDIS. It was locked up, of course; else-wise the Master would have been long gone from this planet by now, and the Doctor would be asphyxiating slowly. The idea thrilled him.

Above their heads, the clouds morphed into a cruel-beaked bird swooping down on a snake, catching it in its talons and shaking fiercely.
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