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Sep. 9th, 2011 10:33 pm
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It's the middle of the night when the Valiant's alarms start blaring, but the Master is already up and fully dressed, stalking the halls with a perturbed expression. Normally he'd let the guards get first crack at an intruder-- usually some scared, raggedy Earthling intent on playing the hero and assassinating 'Saxon' himself. He'd usually let them rough the ape up a little, throw him bruised and bleeding at the Master's feet. Not broken, of course, oh no. He did the honors there.

But not this time. Because, in the spare few seconds before the alarms went off, the Master heard a sound that shouldn't have been, not with the measures he's taken. Not when he has the source of that sound, well and truly under his control and already on board.

It was the sound of a materializing TARDIS.

He meets the guards at the doors to one of the storage bays, waves off their questioning hesitance, and motions for them to go on in ahead. Whatever is behind those doors, he doesn't want to miss this.
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