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This is an in-game history and CR chart for the Master in Taxonomites, 8/2010-11/2010, RIP.

Logs and Transmissions

DANCE #1: Deja Vu All Over Again

1a. A newly shot Master finds himself in Taxon and attempts to glean information from people who already hate him ;_;
1b. And one of the first things he does is figure out what's up with this female Doctor (and, naturally, try to sabotage her TARDIS) (abandoned)
2. The Master attempts to befriend a de-aged, wary Faith (abandoned)
3. The Master and Supergirl discuss Froot Loops, hamsters and what's 'neighborly' (abandoned)
4. The Eleventh Doctor decides it's a real bright idea to visit the Master in his Haunted House
5. The Doctor and the Master have a lot to catch up on. And the Master has a newly built laser screwdriver to test! (stretches for about four or five days and overlaps a few other encounters)
6. The Master tries unsuccessfully to lure Cordy to his Haunted House
7. The Master and Hercules discuss the hideousness of marriage
8. Ax's morphing technology goes haywire, and...
8b. ... the Master is reminded why he isn't very fond of T-Rex. (abandoned)
9. The Doctor escapes the Master's clutches and gives him a nasty case of the heebie jeebies in the process.

DANCE #2: I've Got My Friends and My Career

10. The Master meets a newly-arrived (and nude) Anya, but Cordy warns her away before he can get the chance to commit the unforgivable sin of bringing her clothes.
11. A midnight meeting with Drusilla reveals that she's loyal... but an effing vampire. WTF.
12. Ax offers his services in recompense for nearly destroying the Master's House.
13. Making nice with Willow
14. Making not-quite-so-nice with Tara
15. Piper has become a Wendigo so naturally the Master tries to control her. (abandoned, assumed he had her attack Martha Jones while keeping her away from Kaylee)
15b. Coming to Kaylee's rescue. Sort of. Well. Not at all really HE GOT DISTRACTED OKAY
16. Trolling Jenny in the kitchen
17. Piper wakes from her Wendigo fun and the Master is there to comfort her (and make her forget what she knows). (abandoned, assumed he brought her clothing and wiped her memory of what he did during her transformation)
18. Tour of Serenity with Kaylee (special guest appearance by a traumatized River)! (abandoned, assumed River freaked out upon seeing him)
19. The Master attempts to polarize a newly-arrived Beckett against the others. (abandoned, no idea what the other mun assumed)
20. Trolling Spike
21. The Master meets Elizabetheta
22. On his way to Elizabetheta's shop the Master runs into the last Time Lord he wants to see. OF COURSE. (abandoned)
22b. Commissioning something awful from Elizabetheta. (abandoned)
23. Just happening to run into Kaylee and Tony Stark at a bar (abandoned)

DANCE #3: The Would-Be Doctor (Glitch)
24. The Master wakes up as Martha Jones. What's worse than that? The Doctor having his body. (abandoned)
25. 'The Master' and 'Martha Jones' go to find 'The Doctor'.(abandoned)

DANCE #4: This is Not Your Beautiful House (Glitch)
26. The Master finds himself the shell-shocked father of one Elizabetheta Buckley. In the 50's. (abandoned, apparently deleted by the mods after I left?)
27. 'Harry' stops in at Kaylee's soda shop. (abandoned)
28. 'John Smith' and Amy Pond's housewarming. (abandoned)


[ profile] ialwayscomeback: Not his Doctor, precisely, but he's got all the memories at least, and the Master instantly accepts him as the Doctor. Even if the bow tie is stupid. This Doctor is still stuck on the idea that the Master can change his mind about owning the universe, which is not just silly but inherently useful. While the other Doctor takes the no-nonsense approach, the Master knows he will always get another chance with this one. And that both comforts and disgusts him.

[ profile] not_theman_iwas: Because she's female, the Master will probably never be able to take her completely seriously and consider her a real Doctor. The fact that she shouldn't exist at all in his universe probably doesn't help. But he considers it his duty to find her buttons and attempt to push them anyway, and it's almost like a whole new rediscovery of their relationship in some ways. Plus, she has brought a TARDIS with her, which is a valuable commodity to a stranded Time Lord.

[ profile] allthatlife: Oh, Martha, Martha, Martha Jones. The Master has such a grudge against you and likely always will. After all, you helped topple his empire. You laughed about it. You witnessed him in his pathetic human state, and you were the catalyst who woke him up-- which is a mixed blessing, though he'll never admit it. Just as he'll never admit how obsessed he is with you, far beyond simply being the Doctor's companion.

[ profile] a_pretty_fire: The Master doesn't remember her from the last time they teamed up in Taxon, but she remembers him. He's more than willing to tolerate a fan girl, as long as her mental instability doesn't work against him in the end. And it's somewhat of a relief to have a partner he doesn't have to convince or hypnotize. This could be the continuation of a beautiful friendship.

[ profile] tailblade: Another potential ally. The Master doesn't respect Aximili all that much yet, seeing as he's not exactly Time Lord and certainly won't get any of his jokes-- but he can recognize his usefulness, and it's a bonus that the creature appears to have no prejudices against him. The Master's currently working the 'viva la revolucion' angle to win Ax over, though if they ever succeed in overthrowing the hamsters he'll almost certainly attempt to step into the power vacuum.

[ profile] beenthroughhell: One of the people the previous Master tortured. He's a little frustrated by her abruptness and reticence with him, and considers it awfully rude even though he knows the cause. Consequently, they're off to a bad start already. But perhaps he can work on changing her mind... heh heh heh

[ profile] killed2slayers: Another abrasive sort who already has a grudge against the Master for things he (technically) didn't do! How unfair. The Master doesn't like being threatened any more than he likes being denied information, so Spike's totally on his bad list now. Though he doesn't even know his name yet, sooner or later his puerile squawking will come back to haunt him. The Master will make sure of it.

[ profile] that_wasbracing: One of the only Taxonians who knows what he did but is still willing to give the Master the benefit of the doubt... sorta. While the Master currently has no ill will toward Wesley (beyond his typical distaste for humans in general), that may change if he ever figures out that Wesley was helping Martha hide from him, or warning Cordelia to stay away.

[ profile] supertorso: They've only had one conversation thus far, but she doesn't seem to know him, so that's a refreshing change. The Master will try his best to get on her good side, knowing that at the moment he needs all the trusting fools he can get.

[ profile] glowingseer: The Master attempted to poke at this one a little during her Season 1 glitch, to see if she still remembered being tortured by the previous version of him. He's still trying to get close to those who 'know' him, so that he can find out exactly what they know. Unfortunately, before he could get her to meet him at the House of Oakdown, she was warned by Wesley not to trust Harold Saxon.

[ profile] thesecondslayer: Again, the Master tried to use the opportunity of her 'memory loss' during her babby!glitch to earn her trust and discover what she knows about him. Somehow I doubt it went very well.

[ profile] lionofolympus: He's a little bemused by a self-identified demi-god being stuck here. And not only that, but one who is overly preoccupied with penises and his marriage to a dimwit. But he can sympathize, at least. Er. With the 'god' and 'marriage' bits I mean. o.0

Permissions (for archival purposes)


Character Name: The Master
Species (human/alien/vampire/other?): Time Lord (alien)
Extra-human/abnormal abilities, if any?:

-Respiratory bypass system (meaning that it takes much longer to strangle or asphyxiate him)
-Ability to reverse the effect of certain toxins
-Superior senses/reflexes
-Time sensitivity (more aware of the passage of time, can see all possible futures, can tell whether a point in time is 'fixed' or susceptible to influence)
-Can undergo healing coma if severely damaged.
-Probably figured out how to stop his hearts (if Romana could do it...)

-Can sense/identify other Time Lords
-Telepathic abilities (sharing, witnessing or wreaking havoc with memories and communicating via 'mind meld'-type contact)
-Hypnotism (likely a learned skill augmented by telepathy)


1. Is it okay for your character's thoughts to be read/their mind to be probed?
Ask first. I'm game, but the Master's not going to be an easy one to read given his natural ability and the presence of the drums, so best if we plot this one out.

2. Is it okay for any of your character’s intense/distressing memories to be seen/heard/read in this situation?

3. What kind of mind does your character have? Are they disturbed at all? Are their thoughts ordered or jumbled?
Very much ordered, although it may make little sense to anyone else. His true thoughts and feelings are buried deep, hidden under not only the ever-present sound of drums (they hurt, and they're loud), but also beneath several well-crafted barriers of his own choosing.

4. Is it okay for your character’s emotions to be sensed?
Y, but like everything else, ask first.

5. Does your character have a weak or strong mind? Are they susceptible to influence or hypnotism?
Strong. I'd say he's much less susceptible to influence or hypnotism, considering he deals in subjecting others to it much of the time.

6. Does your character have supernatural/mental fortification against mind-reading or telepathic communication?
Yup (mental).

7. In the case of characters who are extra-sentient/psychic and can just 'know' things about people, can the muns of these characters use the powers of Wikipedia to get information about your character?
Go for it! But take the interpretations of some of his actions with a grain of salt, and anything that isn't canon in the TV show should be run by me first because I don't subscribe to all the conflicting book/audio canon out there.

8. If so, is there anything that should absolutely never ever be brought up?
Nothing is off-limits for the mun, but the Master probably won't appreciate inquiry regarding his past relationship with the Doctor. Or his time as a human. So you've been warned there, but if you're up for making him upset go for it :D

9. Anything that should absolutely be brought up?
That said, EVERYTHING.

10. Will thoughts in the narration be up for grabs? If so, how will you indicate these? Italics/strikes/something else?
Sure! Italics.

11. Does your character have any fears/phobias that you wouldn't mind being exploited? Ones that you'd like to NOT be exploited?
Exploit away! He's afraid of the Doctor assuming power over him, laughing at him, rejecting him, and not taking him seriously. He's also afraid of dying permanently.


1. Is it okay for your character to be affected by chemical agents? Fear toxins, for example?
Yup, but keep in mind that Gallifreyans might be harder to poison than humans.

2. Does your character have any unique biological difference that would affect their resistance to toxins/chemical substances?
Man, it's like you read my mind. Yes. Refer to abnormal abilities above.

3. Does your character have any notable genetic/supernatural/biological difference that would make their blood in any way different to a regular baseline human's (that would make them taste different if they were fed on by a vampire, for example)?


1. How okay are you with your character coming to physical harm?
Oh, please hurt him. Please please please.

2. How okay are you with your character's home/possessions being targeted by bad guys?
Go for it, just let me know what you are planning. And expect revenge since, you know, he IS a bad guy.

3. Can your character be impacted by telekinesis?

4. With regard to vampires, would your character be willing to be a donor?
N. Are you kidding, the Master gives NOTHING. Well, maybe if it was part of a very compelling agreement.

5. If no, then how about unwilling?

6. With regard to shapeshifters, are you okay with having those with this power taking the shape of your character?

7. If your character has any superhuman abilities, would you be okay with these being replicated by those who have the power to absorb/take on the powers of others?

8. In a physical confrontation, is it okay if characters who have the power to sense/foresee/predict movements use this to their advantage against your character?

9. Are you willing to participate in plots where your character will sustain damage outside of a fight, such as in situations with torture, environmental hazards, or accidents?
Yes oh yes.

10. Is there anything about them that would stand out noticeably (things like scars, physical augmentations, illness, anomalies, etc.) if they were ever injured or otherwise examined by a doctor? Are any of these things noticeable to others without close inspection?
Just the usual Gallifreyan anatomical differences. Two hearts would probably be the most obvious without particularly invasive inspection. He also has lung structure which differs from a human and allows him the respiratory bypass capabilities, and I think he has double sets of a few other internal organs. Oh and a body temp of only 60 degrees Fahrenheit. DW Wiki has the low down on Gallifreyan physiology:


1. Can your character be influenced and tempted by magical or supernatural means?

2. If yes, will someone with the ability be able to find this out about them, and in what areas (think the seven deadly sins) can your character be tempted?
Pride, Wrath, Greed, Lust. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to figure this out :)

3. Could your character be glamoured (a form of mind control employed by vampires to make humans compliant/alter their memories etc.)?
It would be very difficult. But I'll never say N without knowing what your plot is first.

4. Can your character be affected by spells of any kind, and are there any specific types to which they would be immune?
Definitely he can be affected. I can't think of any he would be immune to, but run your idea past me so we can think it out a little and make sure it makes sense with his Time Lordliness.

5. Can your character's presence be sensed by characters with the power to read auras/pick up generalized vibes from people?
In general Y, but if it's a question of sensing he's there when he clearly wants to be hidden, ask first. The Master is very good at using perception filters.

6. If yes, what kind of stand-out things about your character can be sensed?
That he's a Time Lord, perhaps, and all that goes with that. And maybe the drums. I'd rather not have it really obvious he's a bad guy.

7. With regard to characters that can sense danger/receive visions/predict general doom, are you okay with your character being the subject of any of this, if the occasion arises?
Sure, but again, would prefer it not being automatic knowledge that he's up to something unless asked first. Vague feelings of dread are A-OK.


1. Will your character change their name as it is shown on the map? If so, what will they change it to?
He's currently operating under the moniker Harold Saxon so it should be that on the tablets. If he changes it again I'll notify the OOC comm. :)

2. If they’re able, will they ever opt to hide their location on the map?
I'd imagine he already has!

3. If your character is from an earlier point in their canon than another member of your cast, what is and is not okay for your fellow castmate to spill the beans about regarding your character’s future?
Oh please spoil away. I'm not even kidding. The Master would want to know anyway, and I find it hilarious what he has to look forward to.

4. With regard to characters that like to snoop, can they find anything that's been publicly said by your character through the tablets?
Y (It's only fair since he'll be doing much the same thing, and it's his own damn fault if he can't keep his mouth shut)

5. How about privately?
N. The Master's not going to let that happen if he can help it. He's careful, and smart, and brilliant with tech.

6. Is there anything you'd especially like to be known about your character, for the purposes of amusement?
Women keep shooting him. Taunt him about it.

7. Anything you especially don't?
I'd prefer it if knowledge from questionable/conflicting canon (books and such) was not necessarily exploited without checking first. I'm not sure where I stand, for instance, on the whole "Death's champion" thing or the romance with Ailla (although I do like the 'trapped in a black hole' thing). I think I like his origin and the origin of his fallout with the Doctor remaining a bit of a mystery, at least until the TV series decides to cement it.

8 Do you like threadhopping (a character not already in a thread jumping in unexpectedly to reply to a comment), and are you okay with other people threadhopping in your threads and posts?
Generally okay, although if the character is threadhopping in to wreck the conversation I'd appreciate a heads up so we can work out what both of us are comfortable with happening.
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