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This is an in-game history for the Master in both Wasted Lands (Mar 2008-May 2008, RIP) and Crowded Hour (Mar 2009-May 2009, RIP). Some notes:

  • I picked him up from another player with the journal [ profile] lordmaster. As I did not reset him, the history therein informed his subsequent actions in-game. Therefore I've included the previous logs but marked them as decidedly Not Mine.

  • The player has since reclaimed the [ profile] lordmaster journal and is using it for god knows what.

  • I chose to import his history from Wasted Lands, his previous game, into Crowded Hour.

Wasted Lands

(previous player)

1. The Master arrives in Wonderland, meets up with the Rani, and escapes the Empty Children

2. The Master gets his bearings and posts a rather threatening note to Nine, Ten, Jack, and Rose

3. The Master manages to get Rose alone in an oh-so-romantic dank grotto, attempts to seduce her, and faces a smackdown when the cavalry arrives (unfortunately i think this post is locked to wasted players due to "rape" connotations)

4. The Master reluctantly accompanies Nine, Gwen, and Rose on a search for an important item, danger naturally ensues, and somewhere along the way Rose kisses him

5. After rescue, the Master is shot by some crazy dude named Avon for daring to drink a bottle of wine

6. The Master wakes up wounded and develops some more UST with Rose

7. He then proceeds to throw that in Nine's face, with little result

8. Back in Diagon Alley, more Master/Rose UST as the Master attempts to fool Rose into thinking he's anywhere near decent

9. The Master tries to find out just how broken the TARDIS really is

10. The Master makes preliminary plans with Baby Firefly to shake up the community by revealing that death is impermanent in Wonderland

11. The Master posts a personal ad


12. The Master, frustrated by his imprisonment in Wonderland, takes it all out on Gwen

13. Upon returning to his flat, the Master is beset upon by Sam Tyler, who's investigating a murder. They become the best of friends as the Master tries to plant seeds of doubt about the Doctor in Sam's mind

14. The Master goes for a look at the body, runs into Ten, and runs some more in the other direction

15. The Master panics and sets up a death trap in his own flat for the Doctor

16. Instead of killing the Doctor, the Master just gets faced with an angry group of people: fox-covered Nine, injured Ten, gun-totin' Martha, and Sam, who just wants to put the fire out

17. The Master wakes in the same grotto he encountered Rose in, and realizes he's now Ten's prisoner. He asks Sam for help over the Network

18. The grotto environment, combined with stress of imprisonment and dehydration, makes the Master fall ill, and Ten has to bring him grapes and watch him throw up

19. The earthquakes begin as Ten and the Master cohabitate in the grotto, seriously getting on each other's nerves. Ten gets hit with a falling rock and the Master escapes, leaving him locked in the grotto because it serves him right

20. The Master makes it to Ten's cottage and meets up with Sam, and together they kill zombies

21. Sam and the Master make it to the castle on Ten's horse. The Master, delirious from blood loss, faces off against a female werewolf who just wants to get him some medical treatment. It ends up coming from Martha, who stitches him up none-too-gently

22. Sam and Martha accidentally torture the Master while interrogating him on where Ten is; the Master sends them into a trap

23. The Master then goes to gloat about this to Ten, who's still locked in the grotto

24. After rubbing his imprisonment further in Ten's face, the Master goes to fool around with Rose. She inadvertently hurts his feelings when she finds she can't continue to betray the Doctor, but little does she know he's recorded them secretly with Ten's Network device

25. The Master, still miffed, proceeds to steal the TARDIS that Nine and Rose call home

26. To make matters worse, he then goes on to publicly announce what he and Rose were just up to

27. Rose tries to get through to the Master, but he's too busy trying to use the TARDIS to escape. During the conversation this graphic is born.

28. Ten has miraculously escaped from the grotto! He shows up to foil the Master's plans again

The Crowded Hour

1. The Master arrives and immediately runs into Rose (WTF cruel mun? ;D) and Sam Winchester

2. The Master and Rose then find the dead body. Tony Stark and the Master insult each other a little, Lucy is reunited with her husband, Gwen is reunited with Rose, and Dr. Spencer Reid is the only one to actually pay attention to the room's original contents LOL.

3. Rose pulls the Master aside to yell at him for being evil. Gee Thanks Doctor.

4. The Master, having learned of Donna's "condition," goes to the kitchens to try to find her. Instead, he runs into Martha. Rose no longer likes the Master after they have a very brief bitch-slapping contest.

5. The Master gives Alice a mission.

6. The Doctor has some unwelcome company while checking out the Tiem Room. Also featuring Jenny!

7. The Master follows the Doctor and Jenny to the big Chour Meeting and exchanges a few snarks with Kara Thrace

8. Jenny and the Master have the same idea at the same time (that the Doctor sucks and more fun is had without him) and end up back in the Tiem Room together

9. After a... misunderstanding and subsequent falling out, Jenny and the Master meet up again just in time to be attacked by a zoo animal. Then they argue again over what to do next. They should just get married already.

10. The Master finally meets Donna Noble. Ooooh, this can go nowhere good. :D


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